News Release – Forging a Dialogue – MEPs create Rail Forum Europe

Brussels, 21 February 2011 – Rail Forum Europe was officially constituted on 16 February 2011.  In an event that saw the adoption of constituting statues, the creation of a Managing board, and the appointment of an Executive Secretary, the Forum is now set to begin paving the way for a better understanding of rail-related issues.


Key Members of the European Parliament met in Strasbourg to decisively create a cross-Committee forum where constructive dialogue can take place to improve the understanding of rail-related issues and facilitate cooperation in the development of joint strategies and initiatives between MEPs and the rail sector.


Commenting on the creation of the Rail Forum, its President Brian Simpson MEP states that “The Rail Forum should increase the visibility of rail among EU policy-makers and help make rail play a more pivotal role in the EU transport policy.”


Executive Secretary Jérémie Pélerin comments that “Rail Forum Europe, by bringing together experts from the rail sector and policy makers, will help the latter to make transport more sustainable and competitive”.


The Forum is governed solely by a Managing Board of MEPs, the President of which is Mr Brian Simpson (Chairman TRAN Committee) and Vice-Presidents Mr Michael Cramer (TRAN Committee) and Ms Gesine Meissner (TRAN Committee).  In addition, the following MEPs will also work to oversee the association:  Mr Georges Bach (TRAN Committee), Mr Jan Brezina (ITRE Committee), Mr Antonio Cancian (TRAN Committee), Mr Saïd El Khadraoui (TRAN Committee), Mr Ismail Ertug (TRAN Committee), Mr Malcolm Harbour (Chairman IMCO Committee), Ms Edit Herczog (ITRE Committee), Ms Danuta Hübner (Chairwoman REGI Committee), Mr Jo Leinen (Chairman ENVI Committee), Mr Dominique Riquet (BUDG Committee), Mr Andreas Schwab (IMCO Committee) and Mr Evzen Tosenovsky (ITRE Committee).


The official launch event of Rail Forum Europe will take place at the European Parliament’s Strasbourg headquarters on 10 May 2011 and will include a dinner debate on The contribution of rail transport to climate change mitigation.

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