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Welcome to the website of Rail Forum Europe!

Rail Forum Europe (RFE) is the Members of the European Parliament’s association dedicated to rail transport.
Created in 2011, the Association aims to facilitate the establishment or strengthening of professional and personal ties between its members in full compliance with European and National Law, as well as to foster the co-operation with various scientific, technical, economic, industrial and professional groups and organisations – whose activities affect the various issues that arise in the field of rail transport.



Rail Forum Europe appoints new Executive Secretary

Please, download the pdf. version of the press release here.


Rail Forum Europe Cocktail Reception - Press Release

The die is cast. A new year, a fresh European Commission and arecently-elected European Parliament. Time for Rail Forum Europe and itsrenewed leadership to restart their activities too. The Cocktail Reception,hosted by CER and UNIFE and which took place at the European Parliament on 20th January, wasthe opportunity to present the new RFE President Andrey Novakov and new Vice-President Anna ...

More details


Rail Forum Europe Announces New Managing Board

Rail Forum Europe designates Andrey Novakov as new President and Anna Deparnay-Grunenberg as Vice-President. Please make sure to read the full news on Railway Pro here.


New Web site online!

We are happy to announce that the new Web site of the Rail Forum Europe has been setup. It includes new graphics and contents. You can browse it from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Register in order to receive our Newsletter.